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    This is the story of one man's struggle to be free.

    Gesi is a killer, a leader of the head-hunting Suki. He travels hundreds of kilometres by canoe and on foot hunting for human heads. His people are the lords of the Fly River and they dominate their neighbours with a reign of terror. but they too are terrorised - by fears of counter-attack, black magic, taboos, man-eating spirits, ghosts, death, and their savage god.

    Though Gesi does not know it, God has chosen him ...

    All the incidents in this story are factual. Where accounts by witnesses differed, I either dovetailed them or selected the version which I believe to be true. In regard to customs, taboos and ceremonies, I have found that they vary from village to village and in some cases from year to year. Even Suki accounts of their beginnings differ from storyteller to storyteller.

    While writing this book I was helped by many people who answered innumerable questions and allowed me to read old records. They included Gesi, Numinu, Abasi, Gaba, Akawri, Sinba, Kudari, Len and Eva Twyman, Keith and Lillian Dennis, Fred Dawson and George Sexton. I would like to thank Joan Rule, who read through the manuscript and offered many invaluable suggestions. Thanks are also due to Mrs Diana Donigi, Miss Dorothy Johns, Mrs Ruth Veitch and Mrs Sue Kelly, who typed the final manuscript.

    Grahame C. Martin

Here are some samples from the book HEADHUNTER:


Chapter 1

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