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A sample from the book - Important Dates

Important Dates

1877Explorer Luigi D'Albertis attacked by the Suki people near Alligator Island on the Fly River
1907Year of Gesi's birth
1910Suki make peace with the Zimakani people at Sigisi
1913The Arufe-speaking people attack the Suki at Ikaba
Story begins at this point
1917First government patrol into Lake Saru area
1921Head hunting raid on the Arufe people at Tree Stump village by the Suki (April)
Government expidition to arrest raiders is attacked by the Suki at Idigwagi (June)
1924Attack on Weredai village by Suki and Zimakani raiders
1927Suki and Zimakani raiders attack Weredai village (November)
1928Gesi and other young men taken to work in Daru
1930Attack on Moiyam village by Suki and Aramba men
Government patrol fails to arrest head hunters
1931Suki head hunters attack Weredai village (October)
Government patrol arrests many involved
1934Gesi enlists as a policeman (August)
1938Gesi appointed first village constable of Gwibaku
1939Exploratory visit by missionaries to Lake Saru
1940Second visit by missionaries
1941Mission station established at Gigwa
1942Missionaries evacuated because of war with Japan
1944Missionaries return to Suki
1947Gesi sent to jail
First baptism of a Suki, Tukri (December)
1948Kudari recovers (July)
Twymans go on leave (September)
1949Gesi baptised
Translated gospel of Mark released
Spiritual awakening of the Suki people
Taguta dies (December)
1950Twymans return (August)
1951Eriki dies (April)
1952Church council established (June)
The book of Acts released (November)
1953Twymans move on to Tari to commence work there
1969Gesi dies (November)
1979Abasi dies (July)

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