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We at Genesis Networks are able to help you create your own Web Site, provide a place to display it on the Internet, and get it all up and running at minimal cost.

We are particularly focused on providing a Web Site Hosting Service and helping our customers to create their own "Home on the Internet" for the first time, however we can provide most Internet services for customers with other needs.

We can help you to set up your Web Site on our Web Server. Then (if you so desire) we can register your own Domain Name for you and provide you with your own Virtual Web Server and get it all working on our network.

Alternatively we can help you to set up your own Permanent Internet Connection, network and Web Server on your own site.

We can provide Web Site solutions for both individuals and organisations.

We can set your account up such that you have full Unix shell account access to your own Web Site, with access to FTP, Telnet and many other tools, so that you can modify your Web Pages as you wish, or, if you prefer, we can fully build and manage your Web Site for you.

We can provide email access at various levels - from a simple email alias pointing to your account elsewhere, or a POP based email account with Webmail access, up to a full Unix shell account with Elm/Pine/POP/Webmail access.

We can also help you setup, modify, maintain, or connect your own PC or Local Area Network, or help you to get setup on someone else's network.

We can help you to arrange your Internet Access through one of our preferred Internet Service Providers or via any of the many other Australian ISPs.

As a member of NetHelp we can also offer many other IT services, either directly or via referral to the other NetHelp Members.

For more details please see our Prices and Special Rebate Offer pages.

Please feel most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

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