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~ Upgrade from Standard to Virtual Web Site ~
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If you wish to 'start slow' you may choose to start off by purchasing a Standard Web Site Package and then to upgrade to a Virtual Web Site Package later - when you are more sure of the value of this decision to you.

Your original Standard Web Site creation payment will be fully credited towards the Virtual Web Site creation charge. You will just need to make up the difference and start paying your annual rental at the Virtual Web Site rate. Thus there is no financial disincentive to starting slowly.

However, the other potentially important issues to consider are those related to the resultant time delay in registering your domain name (which is an integral part of setting up your Virtual Web Site). This delay could have some negative consequences, such as the domain name that you want may get taken by someone else, and you will not be able to use your final email address or Web address (which will both be based on your domain name) in your advertising in the meanwhile.

Whilst the final decision is, of course, yours to make, we would recommend that if you plan to end up with your own domain name, then you should probably purchase our Virtual Web Site Package at the outset. However if you know that you don't need a Virtual Web Site, or if you are unsure of your requirements, then you should consider purchasing a Standard Web Site Package initially, and perhaps upgrading to a Virtual Web Site later.

We would be most happy to discuss your needs with you and provide relevant advice to help you to make this decision.

Pricing for Upgrading from Standard to Virtual Web Site Packages:

  • Web Site Upgrade: - $165.00 (Once Off Fixed Charge)

Please note that the above charge includes 10% GST.

Please feel most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

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