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The First Page on the Internet!
The Virtual Coffee Table - Books, Magazines etc
A Word A Day
Dilbert's Daily Mental Workout
Data Diction - Which? Accommodation
Data Diction - Which? Restaurant
The Easter Egg Archive
The Center for the Easily Amused
Automatic Flatterer
URouLette - Random URL Locator
Explore the Universe with NASA's Astro-2
Warner Brothers' Marvin the Martian
Paramount Pictures
The Lord of the Rings
The BOG (Board for Online Graffiti)
The Comic Strip - Dilbert & Others
The Far Side Daily
Don Monet's Political cartoon of the Day
The Simpsons Archive
The Simpsons Archive
The Intrepid Quentin
The B...d Operator From Hell - BOFH - (I)
The B...d Operator From Hell - BOFH - (II)
The B...d Operator From Hell - BOFH - (III)
Lots More Comics
One Ring: The Complete Guide to Tolkien Resources
The J.R.R. Tolkien Timeline
Coastalwatch Worldwide Surfcams
University of Cambridge - Trojan Room Coffee Machine
Robotic Tele-Excavation - University of Southern California
Interactive Model Railroad - University of Ulm, Germany
Google Groups (News/Usenet Server)
Hank Shiffman - Man in a suitcase
ninemsn's yourTV - Australian TV Guide
ninemsn's yourTV - Melbourne TV Guide - Australian TV Guide - Australian TV Guide - Australian TV Guide
Yahoo!7 - Australian TV Guide
CitySearch - Melbourne TV Guide - Melbourne TV Guide
Greater Union Cinemas
Palace Cinemas
Village Cinemas
Cameo Cinemas
Australia's National/Royal Anthems
Internet Relay Chat Games
Robert J Lang - Origami
Glen's World - Games
The London Zoo
The Electronic Zoo
Hyde's Travel Agent Resource
The Berwick & District Agricultual & Horticultural Society Inc Show
The Lilydale Agricultual & Horticultural Society Inc Show
Cool Site for the Day
Merry Christmas from Santa Claus
The End of the Internet

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