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Advance Australia Fair
- Dr Sharwood's Revised Version -

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An alternative set of verses to "Advance Australia Fair" has been written by Dr Robin Lorimer Sharwood, fourth Warden of Trinity College in The University of Melbourne.

This is now the official version for use within St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne.

This version may be reproduced, without permission, provided due acknowledgement is made and no alterations are made to the words.

O God, who made this ancient land,
And set it round with sea,
Sustain us all who dwell herein,
One people strong and free.
Grant we may guard its generous gifts,
Its beauty rich and rare.
In your great name, may we proclaim,
"Advance, Australia fair!"
With thankful hearts then let us sing,
"Advance Australia, fair!"

Your star-bright Cross aslant our skies
Gives promise sure and true
That we may know this land of ours
A nation blessed by You.
May all who come within its bounds
Its peace and plenty share,
And grant that we may prayerfully
Advance Australia fair.
With thankful hearts then let us sing,
"Advance, Australia fair!"

Advance Australia Fair - Australia's National Anthem

God Save The Queen - Australia's Royal Anthem

Waltzing Matilda

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