This months specials..

An internet ready system that can not only surf the net but tackle any task that a small business can dish out, and still stay within most peoples budgets.
  • IBM / Cyrix 333 Mhz CPU with MMX Technology.
  • 64 meg of memory not 32meg like most other systems..
  • 4.3 Gig Hard drive.
  • 4 meg Video
  • 16 bit 3d sound
  • 56 k modem
  • 100 mbit network card
  • *cdrom (see below for conditions)
  • win98/2000 keyboard
  • ergonomic mouse with pad
  • 120watt multimedia speakers
  • *15 inch digital monitor.(see below for conditions)
  • mini tower case.
  • All systems come with a genuine copy of Windows 95.
  • free delivery and installation as well as instructional tutorial.(see below for conditions)

All for Just $798.00

Australian Dollars




  1. * items are surplus stock items or reconditioned. These items have a minimum warrenty of 6months from time of purchase.
  2. Free delivery is only valid for customers within the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A fee will apply to others.

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