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Grahame C. Martin grew up in Innisfail (North Queensland) and was trained at the Melbourne Bible Institute (now called the Bible College of Victoria). Seconded by the Asia Pacific Christian Mission, Grahame worked in the Evangelical Church of P.N.G. (1966-1979) at Suki - the place where the events described in the book HEADHUNTER took place. He was involved in evangelism, literature writing, literacy, leadership training, Bible teaching and translation at Suki and later at Arufe from 1981-1987. Elizabeth, whom Grahame married in 1973, was a missionary nurse with A.P.C.M. and they have three daughters (Keryn, Christine and Rosalind). Since 1988, Grahame has been lecturing in Missions at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

Grahame has now returned to New Guinea to assist with translation work on the book of Genesis.

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