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"Continuing steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine" Acts 2:42

Weekly Pastoral Message prepared by Rev. Murray Adamthwaite
for Sunday 14th December 1997

From the Pastor: A History-Based Faith

"It seemed good to me also ... to write an orderly account for you ... that you might know the exact truth." Luke 1:3-4

"History is bunk", remarked Henry Ford in an off-handed comment.

That seems to sum up the outlook of many in our modern generation, hence the decline of interest in history courses in our educational institutions. The truth is that we depend on history in all sorts of ways: as a justification for the existence of an organization for one, or to establish a claim to property about which there is some doubt.

Uniquely in this world, Chrisitanity relies on history for all its major claims and tenets. It stands or falls on whether certain things happened or not. To much of modern unbelief this is the offence of the gospel:

    (i) because they will not believe that supernatural things (miracles) happen;
    (ii) because the Gospel is made to depend on the alleged uncertainties of historical investigation.

Of these, the former is the big one.

However, Luke, in writing to Theophilus makes it abundantly plain that the things recorded in his Gospel, and the Acts of the Apostles, are true and accurate. Theophilus, for his part, is meant to take it all very seriously. Luke in particular is concerned to make three points regarding his record:

    (i) His own record concurs with those of others already published.
    (ii) His record, and others', are based on eyewitness testimony.
    (iii) His record is based on his own careful, patient, and thorough research.

Lay hold, then, of the facts as presented in the Gospel record, and of Christ as He is offered to you personally.

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