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Virtual Web Site Packages are designed for use by Organisations who require their own Registered Domain Name and their own Virtual Web Server.

As part of the Virtual Web Site Package we provide our clients with a Virtual Web Server with a Web address of the form: and an email address of the form: We can then, optionally, create any number of Email Only, or Email Alias, addresses of the form:

We can supply any of the following domain name types:,,,, .biz .com, .net, .org and others if needed.

We will register the client's Domain Name and set up a Virtual Web Server and the necessary Domain Name Service (DNS) structure on our server. We will also pay the appropriate Domain Name Registration Fees on behalf of the client.

We encourage our clients to take control of their own Web Page Authoring. They may choose to do it for themselves, or arrange for someone else to do it for them, at their discretion. We are happy to do some or all of this work too - on a 'per-hour' basis. As part of the original creation of their Virtual Web Site we provide a simple initial Home Page for our clients.

We provide our clients with up to 10MB of storage space for their files, plus another 5MB of space for their incoming email. This is normally more than sufficient, however extra storage space is available at the rate of $1.10 per 1MB per month (or part thereof).

We also provide our clients with a Unix Shell Access Account (for Web Page Management and Email Access), and various Unix utilities including FTP, Telnet, vi, & Email (Elm/Pine/POP/Webmail).

Here are a few sample Virtual Web Site Package clients' sites:

Pricing for Virtual Web Site Packages is:

  • Virtual Web Site Creation: - $220.00 (Once Off Charge)
  • Annual Web Site Rental: - $330.00 (Annual Charge - Includes Domain Name Registration Fees)

Please note that the above charges include 10% GST.

Please have a look at our Special Rebate Offer, which could reduce the cost of the above service significantly.

Please feel most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

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