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References for Web Authors
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Domain Name Registration
Public DNS Servers in Australia List

BrowserWatch WWW Browser List
NCSA Web server
NCSA What's New
T-Net's HTML Guides Links
HTML Reference Library
HTML Quick Reference
CERN - HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Charter
University College Cork - How to write HTML files
The HTML Writers Guild
Animated GIF Artists Guild
Web Site Garage
The 216 colors of Netscape
The 256, oops, 216 colors of Netscape
The Browser Safe Palette
Netscape (6x6x6) Color Palette Map
Non-Dithering Colors by Hue
NCSA Imagemap Tutorial

Sausage Software - HotDog Professional
SoftQuad - HotMetal Pro
Macromedia - Dreamweaver
Netscape - Composer

Swinburne University's Icon Collection
Hawaii University's Table Symbols

Java: Programming for the Internet

Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AUSCERT)
FreeBack - Free Secure File Backup/Storage Service
Sendmail Home Page

Creative Element's Windows95 Annoyances

Anti-Virus Information - Computer Security
Netcraft - Web Site Finder
Netcraft - What's That Site Running?
Security Focus
The Offline Utility to change NT passwords
John Balogh's FAQ Page
ISDN Event Cause Codes

VeriSign's WebNum
Internet Search Engines
The Web Robots Page - Webcrawler

Bandwidth Speed Test - Bandwidth Place
Bandwidth Speed Test - comparitech
Bandwidth Speed Test - iiNet
Bandwidth Speed Test - Oz Broadband
Bandwidth Speed Test - Ookla Speedtest
Bandwidth Speed Test - Speedcheck
Bandwidth Speed Test - Telstra

senduit's File Sharing Service

Count - Web Page Access Counter and Clock
eXTReMe Website Access Tracker

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