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  1. Agder College
  2. Agricultural University of Norway (NLH)
  3. Ålesund College
  4. Bergen College
  5. Bergen University
  6. Gjøvik College
  7. Høgskolen i Bodø
  8. Høgskolen i Hedmark
  9. Høgskolen i Oslo
  10. Lillehammer College
  11. Molde College
  12. National College of Art & Design, Norway
  13. Nesna College
  14. Nord-Trøndelag College
  15. Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet
  16. Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim
  17. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
  18. Norwegian School of Management
  19. Oppland College
  20. Østfold College
  21. Sør-Trøndelag College (HiST)
  22. Stavanger College
  23. Stord/Haugesund College
  24. Telemark College
  25. UNIK - Center for Technology at Kjeller, University of Oslo
  26. University of Oslo
  27. University of Tromsø
  28. Vestfold College
  29. Volda College
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