Ribbon]College and University Listing Frequently Asked Questions

The listing that I maintain has generated a lot of email and questions from people, so in an attempt to address some of the questions I get asked most often I've compiled the answers below. Please browse through these questions and answers before sending a request to me directly. Thanks. ---christina

Why is school X not on your list?
This list is a list of homepages, and is maintained in my spare time. As such, schools that are not on the Web will not be found on the list, and schools that I have not run across or that someone has not informed me about, will not be listed. Unless there are links to your site from other sites, it makes it very difficult to find. A lot of people seem to be offended when they find a school missing from the list. Please do not be offended. It is not my intention that anyone be left off this listing, but I can only add the schools I know about either through personal wandering or because someone emailed me the URL.
How does a school get added to the list?
There are several ways for a school to be added. Most recently, I have been relying on help from other people to let me know about new schools that should be added. I also spend several hours each week looking for new sites.
Can you send me the URL for school X which is not on your list?
If I have the URL for a school it will be included in the listing. Otherwise, I will try to find schools that people want added, but if you do not see it on the university listing within a couple of weeks then it may not have a homepage, may not be on the net at all, or I could just not find any information about the school in my searches. The number of requests I receive daily that fall in this category are too high for me to reply personally to each one.
Can I get a list of the email addresses for all the schools on this list?
No. I do not maintain a list of contact email addresses for all the schools on this list, nor do I have any intention of doing so. People want email addresses for various reasons, and often to publicize a site or product that is available online. Many schools do not have one single email address to answer all requests of this nature, and the lists vary by site. For example, one site may have a list for queries relating directly to the webserver, another for admissions information about the school, and a third for alumni enquiries.
I am working on a research project about Y, can you send me information on it?
Again, I maintain this list strictly as a resource for easily finding colleges and universities around the world. I am not familiar with the information at each and every site listed, and unfortunately do not have the time to help everyone that asks find the information they are looking for. This list is provided to help you find a starting point.
I/My son/daughter is interested in studying Z. Can you send me information on schools with programs in this field?
Again, this list is merely there as a useful starting point and sometime in the future I would like to be able to provide information about areas of study at various schools, but right now what you see is what you get. There are other listings that provide more information about areas of study, size of schools, and tuition information and you may want to look there to find a school, and then check back here to find the link to the school's homepage.
Why are you maintaining this list and how did it start?
When I was still working at MIT, the sudden popularity of the WWW caused some controversy with regard to what type of 'front door' MIT wanted to present to members of the MIT community and people just wandering the web on its "official" homepage. I of course have my own opinions about what makes a good home page, but in order to support the need for a professional homepage I started making a list of homepages for other schools. There were quite a few lists of US schools, but there was no single location for universities all over the world, so I spent hours collecting new URLs and this list has grown ever since. I am still maintaining this list partly because of the challenge in trying to keep up with larger commercial sites like Yahoo and Lycos that have more resources at their disposal for getting new information. I also enjoy knowing that I am providing a unique resource that gets approximately 10,000 accesses a day just at the MIT site so it is definitely helping some people.
Can I mirror this listing?
Yes, feel free to mirror the listing locally, but please email me the URL where the listing can be found at your site. Be sure to include an email address I can send notification to every time the list is updated though. I will include links to the mirror sites off of the univ.html page, but any site that is not within two updates of the current listing will be removed until they catch up.
Will you add a link to my page, even though it is not a school homepage?
No. I am trying to keep this listing as simple as possible since it is a page of college and unversity links. As such there are no extraneous graphics, and with the exception of the full listing, and the U listing most pages are under 20K in size. This makes it easy for anyone to access regardless of the web browser they are using.
Can I pay you for advertising space on your pages?
How much money are we talking about here???? :) Actually I'm pretty happy with the current state of this list as is, and am not sure that I want to add more commerical hype to the web. My MIT account won't be around forever though, so it you are interested in sponsoring this list at another site drop me a line and we can discuss the details.
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